Martha Reijnders
Saffierstraat 35
9743LG Groningen
The Netherlands

Krishnamurti Dialogue Group

In the "dialogue group" we want more than giving the possibility to gain knowledge.
From participants in this group we expect a strong inner motivation to get insight in the self and by that being in the world. We also expect an active participation in the group and willingness to open up.
In the dialogue group we want the dialogue to be spontaneous from within the participating persons filled up with texts and dialogues of Krishnamurti on the theme at issue.
It is envisaged that the group and the participants in the group experience a spontaneous inner change initiated by themselves. That means that only the first issue will be known.
The group itself decides what will be talked about out of own need.

The dialogue group will meet on Thursday at 19.30h to 22.00h, ones in 14 days.
The start of the group is unknown and depends on the applications.