Martha Reijnders
Saffierstraat 35
9743LG Groningen
The Netherlands

Heart circle

Let's look together at what lives in our hearts and if our heart can find its way into the world and see how the world changes for you, and your fellow men.
Together we build circles and step into the middle of the circle one by one to show and let hear who we are to learn from it and to live it.
The circle is formed by all the others present open-minded and non-judgmental, being out of unconditional Love and Awareness.
They mirror the person in the center which they have actually observed.
Peace and silence within allow to truly living together in loving care to each other.

If you love to be with us in the circle, send a mail to
We start January 2015. Day and time are not yet decided. When this is of your interest you can already inform us so we can take this into account when we are going to decide.

Support out of Care for a better world inside us and outside is welcome!
Look under free gift to the Blue Pot.