Martha Reijnders
Saffierstraat 35
9743LG Groningen
The Netherlands

Reiki-initiation and work

Sunday November 16, Reiki 1 initiation will be given in the "Atelier for Life" at the Saffierstraat 35 in Groningen.
See for background information the website, look at About Reiki.

Return Moments in which we learn to deal with Reiki we will talk over at November 16.
If you want only to engage in return moments when you have already Reiki one or two you are also welcome.

What do we ask of you?

In our center Unconditional Love is the base of all life.
Money, goods and services are given from this Love. Giving or receiving for us is Love in action. If that what you choose to give is good, it puts you in your strength and put this center in its power and all who are connected with it.
Therefore we ask you from the inside to ascertain what is empowering you and how love feels for you. We can share this with each other, so it empowers us all.
What feels good to you, put you in your strength and makes love grow in you?

If you want to make an appointment you can use with subject Reiki.