Martha Reijnders
Saffierstraat 35
9743LG Groningen
The Netherlands


"The future is what we are NOW...!"

A few years ago Peter Jonkers of Krishnamurti Holland called the activities in Groningen as activities from ‘The Atelier for Life’. I thought it was a good idea to let the Atelier come into being. Now it is the time to bring it into being.
Krishnamurti has always been an inspiration in Groningen, a mirror and part of the whole of life that is there for me. Hence, he deserves a prominent place in ‘The Atelier for Life'.

Krishnamurti is seen by many as one of the greatest spiritual teachers in the past century. He was born in 1895 in Madanapalle in Madras in India. He died in February 1986 at age 90 in Ojai, California. Nearly 70 years he traveled around the world with no purpose other than as he said to make the human being unconditionally free.

He brought no new faith, no new philosophy. What he did was together with his listeners go deep in the actual causes of problems of which people suffer. Real deep understanding of those causes can according to Krishnamurti induce in us a revolutionary inner change. And this change in ourselves and in the consciousness of humanity is strongly necessary. Because: "Our house is on fire!"
Important issues which he together with his listeners examined included the operation of the mind, the consciousness, the "I", the suffering of man, life and death, but also intelligence, truth and creativity.

Krishnamurti just wants to be a mirror for us and rejects all authority as well as teachers and authority itself. He states:

"Be a light to yourself "!

As such we go with him.