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In the Workshop for Life, Reiki attunements 1,2,3 can be given individually and in groups.
There are also refresher days.
Reiki can be combined with Heart Circles, so you can deepen your view of who you really are.

What is Reiki?

Reike is Light energy.
Energy that is always around us. She is inexhaustible. Energy with which we can connect with another, as it is done between mother and newborn child as well. Reiki is energy that reaches us through the crown, if we are open for it, and subsequently flows through our body.
This energy is very beneficial.
Babies and small children are naturally open to this energy, as well as most of the mothers. This lets mothers unerringly know how her child is doing, even if it is nog physically in the same room. Often, however, this connection gets disturbed as a result of blockages during the development of a person. Caused by anything that happens on the path of life. But the connection can be opened again. Then it can be used to serve the well-being of a person, and this person can promote the well-being of others. You can learn to cope this consciously.

What has Reiki to do with Self-development?

You can give Reiki to yourself, and giving to another is very fine. Even though the channel is open, it doesn't mean that all blockades have been lifted. Reiki-energy helps you meet and let solution come from your blockades.
In the letting your blockades come to solution, you will experience more and more harmony and you get more and more balanced.
You will get better in seeing who and what your Self really is. Then you can leave behind what you not really are and what doesn't serve you. You recreate yourself and therefore you will experience more and more what you really are. You will experience more and more that you are the world!

Transformation through Light and Love

Light is the Reiki-energy. She works through your heart and from there she goes to your hands, from which you can give to yourself and others.
You will receive Reiki in Love and you give Reiki, from the Love in your heart. Love is the most important transformative resource. Without it, nothing would change, not in any human being.

Degrees of Reiki

Reiki-energy you can pass if you have received an Initiation. In the first initiation, the channel gets opened. In the period after you focus primarily on caring for yourself, and give yourself frequent Reiki. You learn how to do that. This is a time, when your energy-channels can pass more energy.
After the second Reiki Initiation, you will also focus on another person. You learn to give treatment to another. You learn to deal with your own blockades, and that of the other. You learn to treat from a distance. You learn to truly know your Self.
In order to receive the Reiki 3 Initiation, you have to have realised your essential Self, or be at the point to develop this realisation. The center, therefore, offers courses for this Self-development and learning to deal with your blockades.
There may be several years between Reiki 2 and 3. The Reiki 2 Initialisation you can receive already a few months after receiving the Reiki 1 Initialisation.

What do we ask of you?

In our center, unconditional Love is the basis of all life.
Money, goods and services are given from Love. Giving or receiving of it is for us Love in action. If what you decide to give is good, it puts you in your strength, and puts the center in his strength and all who are connected to it.
Therefore we ask of you to question your Self, what is invigorating and loving for yourself and the center. We can, then, share with each other, so that it puts us all in our strength.
What feels good to you, puts you in your strength and makes Love grow in you?

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