Martha Reijnders
Saffierstraat 35
9743LG Groningen
The Netherlands

Vision of ‘The Atelier for Life’

What we look for is to get related by pure consciousness to the totality of Life.
Important in the 'Atelier for Life' is Unconditional Love, the Essence of Life within and Learning together. In here is the inner Light, Intelligence and creativity.

In the 'Atelier for Life' we are together. We see each other as mirrors for our own way of being. We go for the wellbeing of all in relationship to one another.
By learning together in life and in freedom we give each other the opportunity to discover who we really are. Learning always takes place in relationship not outside of it.
We give each other a little push and so we learn inside ourselves about life and enjoy it.
Living, learning and seeing truth within and so more comes naturally and spontaneously towards everyone.

Learning is not only to acquire knowledge but also observing and be aware of what life brings to us in the absence of choice.
Coming together is a wonderful challenge to learn and enjoy life in relationship to each other and so Love is flowing into the world and makes thousands of flowers flowering.

From where do we start?

Life is perception and learning by letting go.
A deeper understanding is the observer is the observed itself.
By listening well to what is alive inside of you, you will (re)discover what the essential source of existence is.
So you meet the essence within that really matters.
You can come to ask yourself if it is Love that is guiding you or the ego that 'thinks' that it is love.
Everyone will always find the answers within and therefore everyone is his or her own master.
From there we can live together and learn from Love.
It gives energy and excites!
So you give space to transformation of your being from freedom and in relationship. That creates opportunities.

Learning is not only to acquire knowledge, but also to observe and to be aware in the absence of choice.
Within the 'Workshop for Life' we give each other a little push into the right direction. However, we must discover for ourselves to be free.
Coming together is a wonderful challenge to learn and enjoy Life in relation to each other.

Truth is found in Life itself, in which we are mirrors for each other.
In the Workshop for Life it is about the Essence of Life, Learning and Truth, in which the true Love resides.